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News :Last update 12th December, 2021
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Welcome to JournalBase,
A bilingual platform for searching journals in the Social Sciences and the Humanities and comparing their listings

Developed from the data on the Web of Science (Thomson Reuters), Scopus (Elsevier), the authoritative lists of ERIH (Europe) and HCERES (France), the remote access facility version of JournalBase offers a new service in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (SHS), with an inventory of the journals, and a comparison of their listings in national and international databases.

JournalBase provides all the indispensable information about the journal: the field of discipline, the journal’s website, the language of publication, the publisher, the country of the publisher, the journal’s status (Open Access or payable), as well as a comparative table of its listing in the WOS, Scopus,ERIH and HCERES for the years 2016 to 2021.

This pioneering tool offered in Open Acces should enable all parties involved in research in the Humanities and the Social Sciences (SHS) to have at their disposal a complete source of information and comparison on the subject.

The JournalBase project, launched in the beginning of 2008 under the direction of Michèle Dassa and Christine Kosmopoulos, is produced by the INSHS and the UMR-Géographie-cités of the CNRS with the support of the TGE-Adonis.

For further information :
To learn about the history of the project and the methodology used :
Dassa M., Kosmopoulos C, Pumain D., JournalBase. Comparer les bases de données scientifiques internationales en sciences humaines et sociales (SHS), 8 January 2010.

Live Methodology :
Kosmopoulos C., Dassa M., 2009, "Elaboration d'une plateforme collaborative de recensement des revues nationales et internationales en SHS et de leur référencement dans les bases de données bibliométriques", study day on Les Indicateurs bibliométriques, production scientifique et évaluation du chercheur, Grenoble, 3 April 2009. See :

Poster JournalBase created by M. Dassa (CNRS-INSHS) and C. Kosmopoulos (CNRS-UMR Géographie-cités) in the context of a study day for scientific information professionals organized by the Institut des Sciences Humaines et Sociales du CNRS, 25 November 2010, at the CNRS in Paris.

The first steps :
Kosmopoulos C., Dassa M., 2008, Evaluation des principaux outils bibliométriques et des ressources en sciences humaines et sociales dans un environnement collaboratif. A presentation of a progress report on the Summer University project of the TGE ADONIS, Lyon, 3-5 September 2008.

Among other things, this work has been the subject of a presentation to the Conseil pour le Développement des Humanités et des Sciences Sociales, on 12 April 2010, and a citation in the report Pour les sciences humaines et sociales au cœur du système d'enseignement supérieur et de recherche presented to Valérie Pécresse in September 2010.

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